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Kitchen fumes are very harmful, clean your hood regularly!

In everyday life, without three meals and without a kitchen, the kitchen has become the place with the most fumes in the home. Chefs and housewives who are often in the kitchen inevitably have to deal with the fumes. Do you know what damage kitchen fumes can do to the human body?


Many housewives and mothers overlook the dangers of kitchen fumes. The cooking fumes and liquefied gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides are produced by cooking抽油煙機.


Grease smoke contains about 300 harmful substances, including the lung carcinogens dinitrophenol and benzo(a)pyrene, which can cause tissue lesions in the body when inhaled over a long period of time.


The damage to the skin. It is not only the oil in the fumes, but also the soot. The oil is easily absorbed on the face and then the soot, which clogs the skin over time.


Damage to the eyes. Oil smoke is very irritating to the eyes, especially for people with dry eyes. Their eyes get tired easily. They are washed away by the oil fumes. Instead, they irritate the eyes with pain, congestion and tears. They want to close their eyes to cook.


The damage to the throat, especially for those with pharyngitis, which unfortunately nine out of ten people suffer from in varying degrees of severity. It is easy to continue coughing after coming out of the kitchen. When grease fumes are breathed down the throat, it can cause it to become even drier, itchier and more painful. It can look like a bad cold.


The damage to the lungs. It’s a lot of damage. It has been reported that in addition to the proportion of men who smoke, housewives working in kitchens smoke oil every day. This is a very important part of the process抽油煙機.


In addition, the fumes attached to the skin can affect the skin’s ability to breathe properly. Over time, skin can become saggy, inelastic, wrinkled, grey, rough and blotchy, making it easier to put on weight. Fumes can also damage the immune system and cause varying degrees of hair loss. If a housewife has a hoarse voice, sore throat, irritating dry cough, blood in the sputum, foreign body in the throat, severe breathlessness or a lump in the neck for more than a week. Go to hospital immediately.


Prolonged operation in the kitchen can lead to cancer, breast cancer and other diseases. The fatty oxides in grease fumes can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, especially in the elderly. Data shows that 80% of the 100 patients had worked in the kitchen for a long time, and most of them were women! Prolonged inhalation of such fumes can also lead to worsening asthma, which in turn increases the risk of lung cancer抽油煙機.


Fuel smoke is even more harmful to children. Initially, children have poor resistance and are prone to illness. It is not healthy to leave him in a home environment full of grease and smoke. In addition, children are growing up. Smoke is a serious risk to children’s healthy growth and development.

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