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Kitchen fumes are very harmful, clean your hood regularly!

In everyday life, without three meals and without a kitchen, the kitchen has become the place with the most fumes in the home. Chefs and housewives who are often in the kitchen inevitably have to deal with the fumes. Do you know what damage kitchen fumes can do to the human body?


Many housewives and mothers overlook the dangers of kitchen fumes. The cooking fumes and liquefied gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides are produced by cooking抽油煙機.


Grease smoke contains about 300 harmful substances, including the lung carcinogens dinitrophenol and benzo(a)pyrene, which can cause tissue lesions in the body when inhaled over a long period of time.


The damage to the skin. It is not only the oil in the fumes, but also the soot. The oil is easily absorbed on the face and then the soot, which clogs the skin over time.


Damage to the eyes. Oil smoke is very irritating to the eyes, especially for people with dry eyes. Their eyes get tired easily. They are washed away by the oil fumes. Instead, they irritate the eyes with pain, congestion and tears. They want to close their eyes to cook.


The damage to the throat, especially for those with pharyngitis, which unfortunately nine out of ten people suffer from in varying degrees of severity. It is easy to continue coughing after coming out of the kitchen. When grease fumes are breathed down the throat, it can cause it to become even drier, itchier and more painful. It can look like a bad cold.


The damage to the lungs. It’s a lot of damage. It has been reported that in addition to the proportion of men who smoke, housewives working in kitchens smoke oil every day. This is a very important part of the process抽油煙機.


In addition, the fumes attached to the skin can affect the skin’s ability to breathe properly. Over time, skin can become saggy, inelastic, wrinkled, grey, rough and blotchy, making it easier to put on weight. Fumes can also damage the immune system and cause varying degrees of hair loss. If a housewife has a hoarse voice, sore throat, irritating dry cough, blood in the sputum, foreign body in the throat, severe breathlessness or a lump in the neck for more than a week. Go to hospital immediately.


Prolonged operation in the kitchen can lead to cancer, breast cancer and other diseases. The fatty oxides in grease fumes can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, especially in the elderly. Data shows that 80% of the 100 patients had worked in the kitchen for a long time, and most of them were women! Prolonged inhalation of such fumes can also lead to worsening asthma, which in turn increases the risk of lung cancer抽油煙機.


Fuel smoke is even more harmful to children. Initially, children have poor resistance and are prone to illness. It is not healthy to leave him in a home environment full of grease and smoke. In addition, children are growing up. Smoke is a serious risk to children’s healthy growth and development.

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What are the origins of the wrinkles and how can they be reduced?

The origin of lines.

I’m sure many of you are confused. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into. Do they increase irreversibly with age?

The common saying is that a lack of exercise in the facial muscles causes the cheek muscles to sag, which eventually leads to lines. Another theory is that too many facial expressions cause the muscles to pull and deepen the lines of the face, leading to the appearance of legitimate wrinkles under the eyes心形輪廓.

Are lines the same as sagging skin?

When we have lines on our face, does it have to be because of sagging skin? But why do some babies get lines on their faces when they are teenagers?

In fact, there are congenital and acquired lines.

How can you tell the difference?

One way is to lie flat on your back and use a mirror to look at it.

If you’re lying flat on your back, you can’t make tattoos, and needless to say, your tattoos are caused by laxity. If you’re lying flat and your lines are still there, that’s unfortunate – it’s caused by the natural skeletal muscle structure.

Simply put, people with high cheekbones and prominent upper teeth are more likely to have legal lines than others, and may even be born with them. This is a theory that I have read in magazines心形輪廓.

How do I get rid of my lines?

1. Expression management.

Learn to control your expressions and facial muscles. In addition, keep your facial muscles stable at all times in your daily life and mobilise them to keep them in tip-top condition.

Whether you are walking, listening to a lecture or watching a movie, remember to deliberately develop the habit of stabilising your facial muscles and relaxing as little as possible, as this will help to control legal lines and optimise your personal facial appearance.

2. Develop good habits.

Cultivate good habits, go to bed early, get up early, eat more collagen-containing foods and other nonsense, and most importantly, don’t always keep your head down.

All babies who like to look down at their phones will eventually suffer real damage. Always looking down causes too many facial problems: neckline, double chin, sagging skin, legal lines. What else is left to change, fast!

3. Try to sleep flat on your back.

Sleeping on your side all year round to compress your facial muscles is no joke.

From the waist to the back to the shoulders to the cervical spine, how good it is for the body to sleep in the correct flat position, and how effective lying flat can be in controlling lines心形輪廓.

4. Keep moisturising

An anti-ageing double whammy. Every time you finish your mask, the lines on your face will diminish and become less visible, which is the benefit of moisturising. The newest addition to the collection is the newest of all the new products. It’s all about control and prevention. Don’t be lazy with masks. Especially in autumn and winter.

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Is a sprained ankle also life-threatening? It’s not common, but be careful


1. The fatal sprain is not sensational.

A sprained ankle can be life-threatening, and while it doesn’t happen often, it must be prevented. Hua Zi gave two examples to his friends. The first example was a young female reporter who sprained her ankle. She recorded her circle of friends and described symptoms such as no pain, pain extending from the sprained ankle to the calf, and paralysis of the toes. , died suddenly 12 days later due to pulmonary embolism滴雞精功效.

The second example is an orthopaedic surgeon known to Hua Zi. During his college internship, he followed a teacher to help a 30-day-old patient with a sprained ankle to remove a cast. During the removal of the cast, the patient suddenly experienced dyspnea and chest pain. In the end, he was not saved. The cause was also a sudden pulmonary embolism.

Second, lower extremity venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

Blood in human blood vessels has two mechanisms: blood clotting and thrombus breakdown. Blood clotting prevents blood from leaking from the wound, and thrombus breakdown prevents thrombosis and blockage in blood vessels. Usually, the two mechanisms are in equilibrium. However, when the limbs are immobilized for a long time, the blood coagulation mechanism prevails, and venous thrombosis is particularly prone to occur in the lower extremities.

If a venous thrombosis breaks off, it will flow through the inferior vena cava into the right atrium and then pump from the right ventricle into the pulmonary artery. If the thrombus is large, it can block the arteries in the lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism, preventing blood from entering the lungs for gas exchange.

10% of patients died within hours of symptoms such as dyspnea, chest pain, hemoptysis, tachycardia, syncope, etc.

Third, resting is not completely motionless.

Lower extremity venous thrombosis and prolonged immobilization of the lower extremities are common factors. For example, trauma, surgery, and disease result in limited mobility of the lower extremities. Prolonged bed rest may lead to venous thrombosis. There are also long trips, long rides on trains, planes and other means of transportation. They cannot move their feet due to their narrow seating and may also induce venous thrombosis滴雞精功效.

So if there is an illness that requires rest, that doesn’t mean staying completely still. For example, with a sprained ankle, the main purpose of resting is to prevent the ankle from carrying weight, but the toes should be moved regularly. Every 2-3 hours, hook your toes firmly, then relax. Repeated 20 times can effectively prevent lower extremity venous thrombosis.

When traveling by plane, train and other means of transportation for a long time or sitting in the office for a long time, you should also pay attention to the prevention of lower extremity veins. After sitting still for an hour, the risk of venous thrombosis increases by 10%. After 90 minutes of sitting still, blood circulation to the knee joint will decrease by 50%.

So when you’re sitting for long periods of time, it’s a good idea to get up and walk for a few minutes every 45 minutes. If walking is inconvenient, you can do the above hook-toe action, or stand on tiptoe and tap your calf to rotate your feet in and out, which can also promote blood flow and prevent venous thrombosis in the lower extremities.

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As a parent, you must correct your wrong thoughts

What’s wrong with parents’ views on children?

For example:

Children are small.

Because the parents regard the child as a young adult, it is necessary to shorten his time as a child, so that he can become an adult earlier, so that he can be an adult, so the status of the child completely obliterates the interest of the child.

Children are the property of their parents.

There is a proverb that says: “Save grain to prevent hunger and raise children. Whatever can see the parents is that they have regarded their children as assets. Now the money parents use on their children, such as the released business investment, Interest will be generated in the future and can be recovered. In this way, children become vassals of their parents and lose their independent personality.

The child is wrong, and the parent is right.

As the saying goes, “Parents are all in the world.” It can be seen that all truths belong to the parents, and all faults belong to the children. But if we take a closer look and look at the past in a rational way, under normal circumstances, most of the children are right, and most of the parents are wrong. Although children sometimes make mistakes, this mistake is probably caused by the fault of the parents.

At present, we need to correct the above three wrong ideas:

First of all, you must treat your child as a child, and don’t try to shorten your time as a child, and you must not deprive your child of the rights that he enjoyed in his infancy.

Secondly, we must respect the personality of the child, and do not treat the child as an asset. Selfish love cannot be regarded as true love. Only unselfish love can be regarded as true love. To understand that raising children is the obligation of parents to their children. If you are able to cultivate children, it is to be loyal to the country and serve mankind.

Thirdly, you must break your own prejudices. If you encounter any problems, you must study with an open mind. Whether there is a child’s fault is the child’s fault, and it is also his own fault. You must not wrong your child追逐夢想.

In addition to the above three wrong ideas, parents often make two mistakes in behavior:

(1) When there is a conflict between parents, they quarrel in front of their children, and sometimes they fight. This will leave a very bad impression on the children.

(2) If the father or mother feels unhappy and is inconvenient to conflict with his family, he will use the child to vent the depression in his chest. In this way, the child will be extremely painful.

How to correct these two wrong behaviors?

First of all, it is best for parents not to quarrel with each other. If they have to be irritated, the best way is to close the door and make endless noises in their own bedroom. Don’t let the children see or hear them.

Secondly, if parents have concerns, if they have concerns, it is best to play the piano, sing for entertainment, or go for a walk or hang out, which can also relieve boredom; don’t vent your anger on the child, slap the table and the bench in front of the child. do not do that.

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New Ethernet Typical Solves Assortment Limitation for Industrial Apps

Ethernet’s main limitation continues to be its get to. Most Ethernet criteria best out at a hundred meters, which addresses several otherwise most programs. But you will find some instances wherever it’s just not sufficient. These contain business factory automation and procedure management for your deployment of some field transmitters and switches, sensors, as well as other gear in substantial services with a extended access.

In developing automation, prolonged get to is commonly necessary for HVAC, hearth safety, and tools like elevators. That’s why in a few industrial apps, more mature fieldbus standards like 4-to 20-mA HART and other individuals remain widely utilized. They will sustain connections effectively outside of the usual Ethernet regular get to.

The Ethernet solution to this need is 10BASE-T1L, which uses just one UTp to deal with up to a thousand meters. And with its capability to manage information fees to 10 Mb/s, it not only solves the vary difficulty, but in addition lets industrial engineers increase their velocity of conversation. An additional gain is always that it eliminates some protocol conversions, the need for gateways, and other variations that are normally important in giving interoperability within an industrial setting.

Another reward is the fact the single-pair necessity enables to the use of present cabling. Operating new cables is really a big value and time challenge. Almost any one pair could be made use of, probably which include some existing fieldbus cables.

Ethernet is previously made use of extensively in sector. Some standards include the supervisory management demands; these hook up with the standard IT/business community utilized throughout industry. The new normal allows a way to include things like quite distant sensors, meters, switches, and various necessities on this substantial network that may now extend to your edge.

A more in-depth Look on the Conventional

The common has two areas. The main offering is 10BASE-T1L, or long achieve to 1 km. The relationship is point-to-point (p2p) with full-duplex ability. One other is 10BASE-T1S, or short-reach possibility that gives p2p half-duplex coverage to 25 meters. This variation features multidrop choices and works by using the typical Ethernet CSDMA/CD competition access strategy.

The pHY makes use of an strange pAM3 4B3T line coding. The pAM3 usually means there are 3 voltage concentrations to encode the information: a beneficial pulse, a unfavorable pulse, and zero (e.g., + 0 -, – + 0, 0 + -, etc.). That is ternary code that, in result, offers 33 = 27 combinations to symbolize 16 4-bit codes. These sixteen codes are mapped to your three-symbol desk. Not most of the three-symbol codes are made use of; as an example, 000 isn’t bundled in order to avoid long strings to arise with no transition.

The encoding logic system is this kind of that it keeps keep track of of the dc amount on the line and makes corrections to keep this dc bias to zero. This will make the baud or signaling price 3 fourths of your little bit rate—ain this scenario, 7.five MBd for just a net 10-Mb/s details amount. No forward error correction (FEC) is applied.

The pulses at 2.4-V p2p allow the 1000-meter array. A 1-V p2p choice is used for a spread under 200 meters. Full-duplex transmission is accomplished with the echo-cancellation scheme.

A key feature with this regular is its guidance for Electric power more than Information Strains (poDL). With this particular provision, the remote machine may be run through the devices to which it’s connected—aa major advantage in industrial programs.


























現在, 白色情人節在日本、台灣等地已經非常流行。




2、科學用眼1、讀書寫字注意三個一即眼離書本一尺、胸離桌子一拳、手離筆尖一寸;2、走路或乘車時不要看;3、不要躺著或趴著看;4、勞逸結合, 用眼時間不要過長, 應每隔50分鍾左右休息10分鍾OK鏡





































關鍵目標2: 不良的生活習慣。包括飲酒和人類肥胖。乙醇刺激性即刻刺激心房顫動,多數肥胖人群由於健身鍛煉較少,會有三高、打鼾等綜合因素引起心房顫動。