As a parent, you must correct your wrong thoughts

What’s wrong with parents’ views on children?

For example:

Children are small.

Because the parents regard the child as a young adult, it is necessary to shorten his time as a child, so that he can become an adult earlier, so that he can be an adult, so the status of the child completely obliterates the interest of the child.

Children are the property of their parents.

There is a proverb that says: “Save grain to prevent hunger and raise children. Whatever can see the parents is that they have regarded their children as assets. Now the money parents use on their children, such as the released business investment, Interest will be generated in the future and can be recovered. In this way, children become vassals of their parents and lose their independent personality.

The child is wrong, and the parent is right.

As the saying goes, “Parents are all in the world.” It can be seen that all truths belong to the parents, and all faults belong to the children. But if we take a closer look and look at the past in a rational way, under normal circumstances, most of the children are right, and most of the parents are wrong. Although children sometimes make mistakes, this mistake is probably caused by the fault of the parents.

At present, we need to correct the above three wrong ideas:

First of all, you must treat your child as a child, and don’t try to shorten your time as a child, and you must not deprive your child of the rights that he enjoyed in his infancy.

Secondly, we must respect the personality of the child, and do not treat the child as an asset. Selfish love cannot be regarded as true love. Only unselfish love can be regarded as true love. To understand that raising children is the obligation of parents to their children. If you are able to cultivate children, it is to be loyal to the country and serve mankind.

Thirdly, you must break your own prejudices. If you encounter any problems, you must study with an open mind. Whether there is a child’s fault is the child’s fault, and it is also his own fault. You must not wrong your child追逐夢想.

In addition to the above three wrong ideas, parents often make two mistakes in behavior:

(1) When there is a conflict between parents, they quarrel in front of their children, and sometimes they fight. This will leave a very bad impression on the children.

(2) If the father or mother feels unhappy and is inconvenient to conflict with his family, he will use the child to vent the depression in his chest. In this way, the child will be extremely painful.

How to correct these two wrong behaviors?

First of all, it is best for parents not to quarrel with each other. If they have to be irritated, the best way is to close the door and make endless noises in their own bedroom. Don’t let the children see or hear them.

Secondly, if parents have concerns, if they have concerns, it is best to play the piano, sing for entertainment, or go for a walk or hang out, which can also relieve boredom; don’t vent your anger on the child, slap the table and the bench in front of the child. do not do that.

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